August 17, 2023

Gynecomastia Surgery in Delhi, Cost Doctor & Procedure – Fast & Safe Male Breast Reduction India

What is Gynecomastia?

Gynecomastia is a disorder that reasons men to have enlarged breasts. It is frequently produced by a disproportion of hormones. Gynecomastia can be an identical uncomfortable condition in which there is visible swelling of breast tissue in boys and men. Boys are innate with a small size of breast tissue and lengthways with the production of the male hormone, testosterone, which attendants their sexual growth, when there is a higher fraction of estrogen, the male breast tissue swells. This condition of hormonal imbalance is curable and the results are immediate with simple gynecomastia surgery.

Now undertake an advanced male breast reduction surgery near you under the experienced gynecomastia surgeons with dedicated support from SS Aesthetics.

Types of Grades

The sorting and stage of gynecomastia is based on the range of breast enlargement and the presence or absence of excess skin:

Gynecomastia Surgery Cost in Delhi
Grade 1: This involves slight breast enlargement with no excess skin.

Grade 2: Involves sensible breast enlargement with no excess skin.

Grade 3: Moderate breast enlargement with excess skin.

Grade 4: Marked and prominent breast enlargement with excess skin.

Get the Best Gynecomastia treatment in Delhi

Medical rise is a truth and having to knowledge cosmetic surgery can be worrying and monetarily heavy. With SS Aesthetics, you can now become your Gynecomastia surgery done affordably within approximately ₹35,000 – ₹75,000 . This includes post-operative care and hospital stay costs. Once you set yourself up for a consultation with SS Aesthetics.

Book an appointment with SS Aesthetics, and guide guidance for everything- from doctor consultation scheduling, lab test booking, surgery date fixing and more. The surgeons perform the procedures with minimal incisions and no blood loss. Call or reach out to SS Aesthetics to access wide-ranging treatment plans in Delhi. Speak to the best plastic surgeon in Delhi and get the best value for your money for your Gynecomastia surgery.

Looking for a explanation to get a smooth male chest?

Are you looking for the result to get a flat male chest since you feel embarrassed in public taking out your shirt or less assured about your body presence? Then the explanation to all your problems is gynecomastia treatment in Delhi.

Gynecomastia is male breast enlargement triggered by the abnormal growth of large mammary glands. Male breast enlargement can lower your self-esteem and cause emotional distress. It is also referred to as “man-boobs.” It is very normal to see momentous changes in the universal presence in patients with Gynaecomastia, which encouragement their self-esteem till they achieve the ideal outcomes with man breast reduction treatment.

Male Gynecomastia Surgery Examination

A gynecomastia expert near you in Delhi will identify your symptoms and advise a suitable gynecomastia treatment option by conducting a few medical examinations:

The doctor will evaluation your family history
He may also inspect other body parts May advise you to undergo tests like USG abdomen or chest, hormonal and blood tests

It’s usual for men to be uncomfortable by their large breasts. Don’t worry; this is a reciprocated medical condition called gynecomastia, or male boobs, in which men’s or boys’ breasts become larger. This growths the amount of breast gland tissue and can affect one or both breasts.

While gynecomastia surgery is a great option, many people circumvent it due to its high cost, which most people are unconscious of. As a result, the purpose of this piece is to provide you with an overview of the several facets of gynecomastia, the best gynecomastia surgery in Delhi, the cost of the procedure, and the attentions you should make when weighing the costs associated with it.

Why SS Aesthetics?

Gynecomastia surgery at SS Aesthetics is achieved by a well-qualified and experienced team of Plastic Surgeons, led by Dr. Sahil Singla. If you are concerned about the male breast reduction surgery cost in Delhi, visit us, we provide the treatment at cheap reasonable price.

We are providing suitable appointments for the consultation that suitable the schedule of the patients including video consults, and the best male breast reduction in Delhi for separate necessary needs.

Dr. Sahil Singla has more than 14+ years of experience and is a board-certified plastic surgeon. Ha has achieved multiple surgeries with a 98-99% successful rate. He is the best gynecomastia surgeon in Delhi. His educational qualifications include MBBS. MS (General Surgery), DNB (Plastic Surgery) Board Certified Plastic Surgeon.
Recovery after gynecomastia surgery?

The patient goes home on the same day of the surgery. On the 2 days after the dressing removal procedure, the surgeon will make a valuation. Get your gynecomastia surgery in Delhi at your convenience.

The patient needs a compression garment for 18-20 hours daily up to 4 weeks. This gives provision to the breasts and helps in fast recovery. Most of the patient’s arrival to work after a day of the gynecomastia surgery in Delhi and back to gym at the end of the week. Scars become almost invisible in 3 months

Risk of Gynecomastia Surgery

Male Breast Reduction Surgery generally called Gynecomastia is a surgical procedure done under General Anaesthesia or Local Anaesthesia. Because of this, there are some risks involved in
If you want to avoid any of these risks, then you must only get a gynecomastia treatment done by the best gynecomastia surgeon in Delhi.

SS Aesthetics has done more than 5000+ surgeries on Gynecomastia and under the leadership of Dr. Sahil Singla we provide enthusiastic personalized follow up which helps patients in a fast and smooth recovery.

Best Gynecomastia Surgery Cost in Delhi

The cost of gynecomastia surgery can differ from one patient to another. This is due to the reasons that are mentioned below.

Experience of the Plastic Surgeon

Because of these reasons, the precise gynecomastia treatment cost in Delhi cannot be resolute without an assessment of the patient.

The cost of gynecomastia surgery should not be the deciding factor for patients who are suffering from gynecomastia. The result of gynecomastia surgery majorly depends on the Experience of the Plastic Surgeon and the techniques he uses.

Vaser gynecomastia surgery is the best procedure for generous almost Scarless results with the fastest recovery.

However, it should be renowned that the average cost of gynecomastia surgery starts from INR 35,000. If you want to find the best gynecomastia surgeon in Delhi, then you should contact Dr. Sahil Singla today.

If you are Looking for Male breast reduction surgery or a Gynecomastia doctor in Delhi contact SS Aesthetics which is the dedicated largest Plastic & Aesthetic in India under the leadership of Dr. Sahil Singla, a Plastic Surgeon.
gynecomastia surgery in Delhi

Gynecomastia Surgery Procedure

Dr. Sahil Singla will observe the patient carefully and agree the type of procedure to be working. A patient will be provided with also general or local anesthesia. The extreme fat from the chest is efficiently discarded by liposuction. The notch would be made in the side chest wall. Hence, there wouldn’t be any scar in the obverse chest. This would be the most common releasing factors for you.

Once the extra fat is totally superfluous, many patients would desire tightening the skin as well. Radio incidence improved contouring is generally carried out to tighten the skin. This procedure could be applied only if there is not much unwarranted skin. Skin excision will have to be used entirely if the excess skin is too much. We, at SS Aesthetics, use Arvati for skin tightening and smoothening. Many patients are happy with the results.

What will be the Scars like?
You not once need to present the world that you suffered surgery. Hence, you might be worried about having apparent scar post-surgery. You will get nothing to worry about. The scars designed as a result of the surgery would be typically in hidden areas and you wouldn’t presentation everything to disconcert about. The size of the scar typically depends on the extent of your problem. If you suffer from a minor issue, the scar will be tremendously tiny. In a more simple case, the size of the scar would be bigger. But, be assured that it would be hidden behind the dark skin around the nipple. You can go ahead and swim to your heart’s content.

What is the Recovery Time?
You can continue work regularly in a couple of days after the surgery. You can start physical activity as initial as five days post-surgery. It would take wherever between 4 to 6 weeks to entirely recover after the surgery. The directives from the surgeon should be followed stringently post-surgery to ensure a speedy recovery.

Please consult us for additional information and clarification.
Gynecomastia Treatment in Delhi

How Much Gynecomastia Surgery Costs in Delhi

The cost of Male Breast Reduction/ Gynaecomastia in Delhi is not too high. Frequent studies designate that it is the lowest in contrast to other nations; thus, many individuals from other nations are getting this treatment in Delhi. Although the cost of gynecomastia surgery cannot be resolute exactly, the following factors must be considered to regulate the exact amount you will pay:

The dimensions of fat to be disregarded: Since Gynecomastia is a two-stage procedure for example liposuction and tissue extraction, reliant on how much fat should be abolished and whether only one approach is required or both are required, the expenditure will swing in like manner.

Anesthesia Charges: – The cost will vary liable on the type of anesthesia used—local or general. It will be obvious by your surgeon as per the amount of fat that would be removed.

The area where treatment is required: Considering which region the fat or tissue should be removed, the expense varies. For instance, it will take more precision to remove tissue if it is close to the nipples, growing the cost.

Experience and qualifications of the doctor: – Highly qualified and qualified doctors will charge more for the treatment. But it proves to be cost-effective in the long run if done by a board-certified and experienced surgeon. Always choose a well-qualified and experienced doctor for rarer worries.

Hospital stay fee if necessary: –Hospital stay fees will be added if your condition requires a stay there.

The clinic’s Location: – There are slight area variations in the clinic’s prices in Delhi. The price will be higher the classier the location.

If necessary, additional procedures and post-operative care: – Other expenses, such as medicines and compression garments, or if you want to have a comparable procedure like a tummy tuck or something similar done in addition to it, the price will rise.

Grades of Gynecomastia

Gynaecomastia is confidential under the following grades as per the size of the excess tissue or fat.

The procedure of Gynecomastia Surgery

The definite procedure is simple and can be completed in between 45 min and 1 hours. To put it simply, the procedure is plastic surgery to get rid of man-boobs or puffy nipples. This choice is used to reshape a man’s breasts so that they are flatter and contoured. It contains both the removal of the excess tissue or glands below the nipple-areola complex and liposuction to remove the fat.

Post-Operative Care of Gynecomastia Surgery

Post-gynecomastia surgery recovery is dissolute and needs severe rehab. You only need to take two to three days off from work or school to have this surgery. For a week, painkillers and antibiotics must be taken. Pressure garments should be worn for three to six weeks after surgery. Pressure garments help in tightening loose skin and also reduce swelling.

The final results of gynecomastia surgery will be evident six weeks later when all of the swellings have subsided and the skin has become tighter.
gynecomastia surgery in Delhi

After the surgery, it is prescribed to follow:

Compression garments should be worn to prevent additional pressure at the surgical site, reduce swelling, and alleviate pain.
Moderate activities should be started.
Drink plenty of fluids and eat a healthy diet to get enough nutrients.
It is not recommended to go directly into the sun for at least six weeks, or until the bruising has gone down.
The patient must avoid doing anything strenuous like running, aerobics, heavy lifting, or swimming.
The patient should not drink alcohol for at least 72 hours after the surgery.

Choose Dr. Sahil Singla SS Aesthetics for Affordable Gynecomastia Treatment in Delhi

At Dr. Sahil Singla SS Aesthetics, we prioritize the needs of our patients first. That is why we have customized our services to ensure that patients receive the best possible care. We have: –

A team of board-certified and skilled plastic surgeons.
Our medical care coordinators provide complete assistance with treatment-related formalities and insurance claims.

Options for making payments, such as cash, checks, debit and credit cards, etc.
For cashless treatment, all insurance plans are accepted.

On the day of surgery, there is a free pick-up and drop-off service to and from the hospital.
Consultations for multiple follow-ups after surgery at no additional cost.

If you’re looking for an effective treatment option for gynecomastia, visit Dr. Sahil Singla SS Aesthetics, you’ll love to find a variety of presumed facilities that offer it. So, before making a decision, make sure you tell your surgeon everything you know about your health and your medical history. If you have the right surgery, your chest will be well-defined.

SS Aesthetics by Dr. Sahil Singla in Delhi gives patients a personalized approach by quoting their needs and sharing knowledge so you can make an informed decision Dr. Sahil Singla is a board-certified plastic and cosmetic surgeon with over more than 14 years of experience. He is a gold medalist with a 100% success rate. Every procedure and treatment are tailored to each patient’s specific requirements. For more details about the facilities and services, go to the website Feel free to get in touch with us or set up an appointment and give us a chance to bring confidence in you by creating an aesthetic look.

Please contact us to arrange an appointment with our specialist doctors. After clinical diagnosis cost estimate will be clearly communicated to you.